Location: Santa Fe Building, Downtown Los Angeles
Adviser: Richard Lindquist
Type: Live-Work Adaptive Reuse

The project was inspired by trying to emphasize the materiality of the existing concrete structure by contrasting it with a soft fabric. The units are encased in two layers of fabric. The outer layer acts as a rain fly and visual screen, it is made of a nylon with LEDs and flexible solar cells sewn on to it. The screen captures energy and then displays that vibrancy by showcase the work of those who live inside. Then the inner layer is a quilt with filling of recycled bottle material. To help with moisture and breathability memory wire is sewn into triangular vent openings that allows the rising hot air to release and the moisture with it.
The target residence would be young creatives that enjoy collaboration. Up stair spaces are easy to open up into other units as wells as into shared patios. Private spaces are kept on the ground floor sunken into the cool thick slab of existing train platform.
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