Location: Boston, MA
Adviser: Greg Kochanowski
Type: Multi-family in master plan for Olympic Village​​​​​​​
At the beginning of this studio Boston had just put a bid in for being considered to host the Olympics in 2020. To support this large event, teams designed possibilities for an Olympic Village. The villages needed to support temporary housing for athletes that then could be transformed into units that could be rented by the general public. Also being along the water front deal with sea level rise and possibilities of flooding. This villages proposal was to connect a winding bridge over the neighboring water way that led to through and out. The bridge was left wide and winding interacting with the landscape and allowing for shops and vendors to be dotted along the path. The surrounding landscape was mounted to meet the bridge to help create subterranean parking and was pressed down into basins to collect and hold water during heavy rains.
This complex begins with a double loaded corridor of parallelograms that wraps around one of the basins. To block the basin from the wind the North Eastern side was stacked higher to block Nor'Easters. In contrast the south western edge of the ring was lowered to be only a single story to intersect the promenade from the bridge with a plaza with retail and restaurants. The arrangement of the units within the rings were situated for horizontal and vertical interaction between neighbors inspired by the favellas of Brazil.
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